Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Creepyness of Morning Musume

Morning Musume. Ubiquitous. Popular. Creepy as hell.

A no-apologies, no-holds-barred-made-for paedophiles girls band. Though most of the girls are mid to late teens, they can be as young as 12. They dance and sing sappy, cliched manufactured pop, wearing skimpy clothing and made up to the hilt; and they all have that "rabbit in the headlamps" deliberately brainless and defenseless look, designed to appeal to middle-aged paedophiles who are unable to relate to real women and resort to a ficitonalized semi-pubescent fantasy.

Formed in 1998, the name means "Morning Daughter", which is disturbing enough. Their biggest hit, "Love Machine", was sung by 13-year-old Maki Goto in 1999. Which is even creepier. The girls are kept young, as after a few years they "graduate", and new girls are recruited, so that the group survives and stays perpetually young.
All in all, I think it is safe to say that Morning Musume are not Japan`s noblest achievement.

This `band` could only exist in Japan, a society where paedophilia is tolerated and even encouraged, in that not only are girls sexualised from an early age, but adult women are expected to have a childish attitude to sexuality and retain it to maturity (forty-year-olds in pigtails anyone?)

If you have any doubts about the fan base of Morning Musume you can check out the audience leaving after one of their shows. Sends chills up my spine. No teenage girls in the audience; plenty on stage.

If all the semen pumped out from those guys the evening after the concert was collected, you could fill a swimming pool.

And could drown the girls in it. How about that for a suggestion?


Anonymous said...

Jesus christ mate, paranoid much ? how do you go from men being fans of a pop group.. to PEDOPHILES? You have pedophelia on the brain... feeling guily there bub ?

Captaincassowary said...

Mate, if these guys aren't paedophiles...then there are no paedophiles.

IchigoAmu said...

While many of the people who are fans of Morning Musume are men, a number in places like America and England are female (though I personally don't like Morning Musume and agree with most of what you said. lol Aya Hirano, SNSD and Buono! all the way but songs like Kimagure Princess?? Creepy... XD)