Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Great news!

Unless of course you are interested in say, protecting the environment, saving money, or preventing the wastage of hundreds of billions of dollars.

The Japanese government estimated today that if it is to completely phase out the use of nuclear power by 2030, it will have to invest 50 trillion yen (about $638 billion) in alternative energy infrastructure.  In addition, the cost of electricity for the average household will double from 16,900 yen to 32,243 yen per month.

A few more grandmothers will have to make some more deposits in their post office bank accounts to collect that kind of money, I think.

Does it really have to be noted that Japan does not have enough money to pass budgets as it is?  Is it possible to imagine the economic chaos that would ensure if the government actually decides to pursue this ludicrous course?

Hopefully I will not be stupid enough to still be in the country if it does.

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