Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mommy's Boys of gorgeous women...and mommy's boys.

According to the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, 79.4 % of Japanese men aged 20-24 live with their parents.

For guys aged 25-29, the figure is 64 percent.

Men aged 30-34, 47.9 percent.

And even for men aged 35-39, 41.6 percent still live with their mommies and daddies...getting their mommies to wash their underwear for them...unable to take a girl back to their place for seduction, with no knowledge of household finances or how to pay a gas bill, probably unable even to cook for themselves.

No wonder the fertility rate is so low.

When will these chumps grow up and get a life?

Not moving out of the family home delays adulthood indefinitely. The trials and tribulations that accompany the first hesitant steps of independence are a necessary trial of passage for your twenties...if you don't experience them, you can never really attain the maturity necessary to form adult relationships; you will not discover your personal strengths, weaknesses and inclinations; and you will be unable to develop the confidence and abilities to assume your place in society, let alone cope with adversity. The process takes a decade or more.

The phenomenon where many Japanese get to avoid this phase in their lives accounts to a large extent for the infantilism of many Japanese individuals. The average 30-year-old Japanese man is unable to comment on politics, unable to flirt with a woman, unable to assert his own opinion, unable to cope with violence or emergency, unable to make eye contact with a stranger, unable in many cases to use a washing machine.

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