Monday, January 24, 2011

My wife's arse is not on fire

Last night we went to a Thai restaurant in Yokosuka that we have been known to frequent.  We both had the green curry, which was pretty hot for something in Japan.

So today I do my business and boy, do I have a Ring of Fire going on.  Spicy going in, and spicy coming out.  I mention it to the missus and she doesn't know what I'm talking about.

"That's never happened to me at all.  I've never heard of that."

I thought everybody got that.  But maybe the Japanese don't, or maybe only some Japanese do.

Pretty good curry though.


Crunchy Peanut-Blogger said...

Captain, your postings really are getting more and more personal to the point of revulsion. Toilets are one thing but do we need to know about the bowel movements too!?

Captaincassowary said...

I'll cancel the haemorrhoid post then.