Friday, February 18, 2011

Japan Quits Whaling - Possibly

Today, finally, the NHK news had a lengthy segment on the South Pacific whaling, saying that this year's whaling activities had been suspended.  The Japan Fisheries Association cited "repeated harassment by the Sea Shepherd organization", a description of which Sea Shepherd would probably be quite proud.  Though they're probably really depressed, as they have nothing to do anymore.

The NHK broadcast made little effort to present both sides of the story, saying that Japan has been conducting "whaling research in line with international agreement, in order to find out facts about whale numbers."


Japan's foreign minister Seiji Maehara was quite open about the whaling season being cut short because of Sea Shepherd, labelling the group's activities "dangerous, illegal and unforgivable."

When asked about next year, he replied "continuing research is quite difficult and the ministry will study what to do."

He also complained that despite repeated requests, foreign governments had done nothing to control or restrict Sea Shepherd's operations, allowing them to continue to "obstruct legitimate research."

Well, looks like there'll be no more whale cutlet in the cafeteria for me.

At least there won't be after they run out of whale meat.  Which may take a while, as currently there are over 6,000 tonnes stockpiled.  In Japan, that is, not in the cafeteria.

Although you never know.  Lot of space out the back there.

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Crunchy Peanut-Blogger said...

So is this an 'honourable exit' ie Japan saving face by blaming those nasty Sea Sherparders? I imagine it will now go to the courts and be stuck their for years. Japan will save millions from propping up an unprofitable and corrupt industry and Whales will live - a win-win.

OK, except for maybe Sea Shepard who are a bit like the blind beggar in Life of Brian who was pissed off when Jesus restored his sight because then he was out of a job.