Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sumo Match Fixing Update - Where are those phones anyway?

Well the farce that is the Japan Sumo Association's investigative probe into match-fixing continues.

As of today 8 of the 14 wrestlers and stablemasters under investigation under match-fixing allegations have still refused to hand in their phones to the investigative panel.  One wrestler said that he "needs his phone because he uses it."

Why these wrestlers have not been immediately banned for life is beyond me.  In addition their stables should be suspended.

In response to this refusal, the JSA agreed to 'more strongly insist that stablemasters persuade wrestlers to comply with the panel's requests'

Yeah, right, that will work!

Honestly, putting the JSA in charge of investigating match-fixing in sumo is like asking the mafia to investigate organized crime in Italy.  You're asking the people who know.  You just won't get any answers.

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