Friday, March 04, 2011

Aicezuki arrested

14 police officers shot and killed in shootout as cornered cheating ronin student goes down fighting

Okay, I made up the second line again.

A nineteen-year-old cram school student, Aicezuki was arrested peacefully on Thursday.  He is reported to have told police, "I wanted to pass the exams."

His technique was to conceal the phone beneath the desk between his knees and text away.  Apparently he also managed to use a scanning function, as many observers in the media were surprised that so many long maths questions were posted so quickly.  During the maths exam he posted 6 maths questions at 5-10 minute intervals. 

Still no mention of mental illness in the Japanese media.  Assuming he was actually trying to get through these exams, he's a pretty resourceful bugger.  I say he should be given a free entrance to Kyoto university just for challenging authority and successfully subverting the dominant paradigm.  If I remember my Star Trek accurately, James T. Kirk was the only person to pass the last Captain's exam at the Starfleet Academy - by cheating!  And he was the best captain ever.  The more you think about it, the more obvious it becomes.  Graduates from even top Japanese universities are said to be unable to solve complex problems, lack motivation and initiative, and are unwilling to challenge the status quo.  They need this guy.  He's a winner!

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