Monday, March 21, 2011

A friendly chat

This morning I got a call from a young woman named Jenny.  She was calling from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Japan Crisis Centre in Japan.  Nice lass.  We had a little chat.  She told me that the Australian government was now recommending that Aussies leave Tokyo.  I told her that I wasn't thinking of it at the moment but that I was prepared to follow the lead of Japanese authorities.  She told me that was fine.  She seemed very young, and to know very little about Japan; for example, she didn't seem to have heard of Yokohama and asked me to spell it.

General radiation levels are down slightly at Fukushima but there was also unexplained white smoke coming from reactor building number 3.  Still no detectable radiation levels in Tokyo.

I sent my family to Kagoshima today, mostly because of the nagging from my mother-in-law.  And I learned one thing today.  Even when they are fleeing from nuclear radiation, Japanese women do not neglect to put on their make-up.

T.V. is full of reports from the workers up at the plant and how much radiation they are receiving.  The highest amount so far admitted by the Japanese authorities for workers there at the moment is 27 millisiverts, apparently not a danger to human health.  Contrary to some reports, especially in the foreign media, that the workers at the nuclear plant are basically on a suicide mission, not one as yet has received a high dose of radiation.

These chips were 70% off today, I wonder why.  Taste good but.

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