Thursday, March 24, 2011

Soon we will have nothing to Drink! Oh, wait.

Today the government lifted its advisory against babies drinking Tokyo tap water, as today's measured levels of radioactivity were below those considered 'safe'

Tokyo mothers responded by having a 'Let's Give Our Babies Tap Water' party and held parades and danced through the city, guzzling tap water as they swayed through the streets, singing and laughing.

Okay, that party bit was made up.  Why does my version of how the world should be always differ to the reality?  I just can't work it out. 

In any case bottled water was unobtainable today.  If things continue like this, the only thing left to drink will be ... human blood!

Workers up at the plant have connected power to all the reactors and are currently trying to understand what systems are damaged.  Water spraying operations are continuing.  And for the first time, 3 workers were exposed to 'dangerious levels of radiation' when they slipped into radioactive water.  They were taken immediately to hospital for treatment.  They received 170 millisevierts of radiation, which according to The Japan Times is much less than can cause any symptoms.  However NHK news is talking about 'burns' so I am not quite sure what is happening there.

I have also heard an explanation as to why the Japanese are hoarding tissue and toilet paper, though like many Japanese explanations it leaves one feeling somewhat unsatisfied.  Apparently paper products 'require petroleum in their manufacture' and are likely to disappear in times of oil shortage.  This happened during the 'oil shock' of the early seventies.  Hence the locals are stocking up on toilet paper.


Jono Whitehead said...

Any 'highly' radiated water would have passed through the reactor, which is currently at risk of meltdown because it's reaching extreme heats. Thus any water that comes back out will have been heated up by the reactor, and explains the burns report. :)

Captaincassowary said...

As far as we can tell, no reactors are at risk of meltdown just yet. Some spent fuel rods have experienced 'partial meltdown' which probably accounts for the radiation. I think.